A “slog” about skiing into Chimney Pond and skiing Katahdin

The link below is the post of several skiers skiing the North Basin of Katahdin as well as the Saddle Trail. Tom Bell, one of the owners of the Trading Post, hiked into Chimney for a three day stay at Chimney Pond in the winter of’98. He skied the chutes in between the Cathedral Trail and the Saddle Trail. The night before they were to leave Chimney Pond it snowed three feet of heavy wet snow. The wind was howling and it took the group four to five hours to get down the Chimney Pond Trail on skis to Roaring Brook. It was another twelve miles to Abol Bridge where the vehicles were parked. They decided to stay in the bunk house for the night and slogged out the twelve miles on skis the next morning. Tom says it was a memorable experience and he and his wife Sandy plan on doing this trip with their children, Matt and Emilie some time soon.

Skiing Katahdin

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